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Standard Jar (400ML)

  • The size of this glass jar is suitable for about 400 ml,
  • Suitable to use multipurpose storage with an airtight cap as well as candles.
  • Food Grade jar and cap are both safe for microwaving.
  • The special coating is given in the cap inside to avoid any problem with the item you store in.
  • This glass jar is used for your kitchen, home, or office it gives a premium look too and is safe.

Standard Jar (400ML)

  • Colour: Transparent 

    Capacity: 400 ml

    Material:  Glass 

    Weight: 194 gm

    Height:129 +/- 1.50 mm
    Width:70.80 +/- 1.5 mm
    Glass Bottle Color:
    Shape: Round
    Neck Type: Lug


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