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Seal in freshness with our versatile stand-up pouches, available in various sizes for snacks, confectionery, pharmaceuticals & other FMCG markets. As the name suggests, these pouches are sealed from the three sides and one side is kept open, and heat sealed after the product is filled into it, choose between glossy or matt finish. Orders shipped worldwide with no minimum quantity requirements. Enjoy hassle-free delivery, no cylinder making charges, and no color restrictions. Non-Tearable from the side and easily open from the top.

3 Side Seal Pouch

    • Most convenient & more straightforward option.
    • User Friendly & Space convenient
    • The pocket-Friendly choice for Start-ups
    • Ease of dispensing the product
    • Top Notch availability for easy tearing
    • Easliy sealable from sealing machine


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