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Standup Pouch -Both Sides ( Gold ):

Gold Both-Sides Standup Pouch offers versatile branding options. Utilizing innovative laminated digital printing, it stands out with no minimum order quantity, beginning from just one unit, and boasts a distinctive "WOW" factor. With no plate charges, the Press and Lock zipper ensures ease of use and durability. The black, matte-finished packaging is environmentally conscious and recyclable, featuring secure heat sealing, a robust zipper, and a convenient v-notch for easy tearing. These features enhance practicality, making it an ideal choice for diverse applications.


Standup Pouch Both Side Gold

    • Thickness of Metallized pouches is 110 � 130 microns
    • Enhanced barrier properties
    • Raw materials used are 100% Food Grade and our pouches are 100% Recyclable
    • Used for packaging products like Baby products, Nuts, Confectionery, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Frozen foods, etc.
    • A Digital Print or label can be applied on top for personalized branding. Custom printing is also possible
    • Lightweight with enhanced barrier properties
    • Multi-layer pouches with a combination of MET-PET, PE & BOPP

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