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Tejaswi Agarwal

Company Secretary & Compliance Officer

Tejaswi Agarwal as the Company Secretary at our organization. With a remarkable 7 years of experience in the field of Company Secretaryship, Tejaswini brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to our team. Her dedication and commitment to her profession have consistently ensured optimal corporate governance and compliance.

Hailing from the scenic state of Assam, Tejaswini's journey in the corporate world has been marked by significant accomplishments and a strong track record of success. Her extensive experience spans various facets of company secretarial work, including legal compliance, corporate law, regulatory affairs, and governance practices.

Throughout her career, Tejaswini has demonstrated a keen understanding of the intricate nuances of corporate operations and legal frameworks. Her ability to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and ensure adherence to all relevant guidelines has consistently contributed to the smooth functioning of organizations she has been associated with.

As we welcome Tejaswini Agarwal to our team, we anticipate her contributions will greatly enhance our company's compliance efforts and strengthen our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance. Her expertise and dedication will undoubtedly be invaluable as we continue to grow and excel in the business landscape.

Tejaswi Agarwal
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